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The Economics Of Urban Transportation

RRP $640.99

This timely new edition of Kenneth A. Small's seminal textbook Urban Transportation Economics, co-authored with Erik T. Verhoef, has been fully updated, covering new areas such as parking policies, reliability of travel times, and the privatization of transportation services, as well as updated treatments of congestion modelling, environmental costs, and transit subsidies.

Rigorous in approach and making use of real-world data and econometric techniques, it contains case studies from a range of countries including congestion charging in Norway, Singapore and the UK, light rail in the Netherlands and freeway tolls in the US.

Small and Verhoef cover all basic topics needed for any application of economics to transportation:

  • forecasting the demand for transportation services under alternative policies

  • measuring all the costs including those incurred by users

  • setting prices under practical constraints

  • choosing and evaluating investments in basic facilities

  • designing ways in which the private and public sectors interact to provide services.

This book will be of great interest to students with basic calculus and some knowledge of economic theory who are engaged with transportation economics, planning and, or engineering, travel demand analysis, and many related fields. It will also be essential reading for researchers in any aspect of urban transportation.

Transport Development In Asian Megacities

RRP $354.99

The rapid growth of the Asian urban population concentrates on a few large cities, turning them into giant megacities. Despite new theoretical insights into the benefits of megacities, the emerging Asia is facing a daunting challenge concerning the management of infrastructure and services in their megacities. The deteriorating urban mobility is the most difficult challenge with respect to the sharp increase in vehicle numbers and to inadequate and poorly managed road infrastructure. Public transport, a sustainable mode of mobility, is subjected to a vicious cycle of poor service, decreasing ridership and lower investment. Despite various policy initiatives, the situation has not improved. The scale and growth pattern of Asian megacities have distinctive features which generate a unique set of challenges and opportunities. New perspectives are needed to effectively address the transportation problems making the best use of available opportunities. This book, which is a result of an international collaborative research, addresses these challenges by providing insightful analysis and novel viewpoints.

Transportation And Strategic Asset Management

RRP $231.99

Long-term financial planning and sound governance is essential for maintaining transportation infrastructure and assets. Public-private sector partnerships and cooperation are vital. This book looks at the current state of our infrastructure and ways to better maintain it with environmentally friendly solutions and long-term sustainability and capital planning. It examines transportation modalities and provides case examples and best practices from cities around the world where long-term asset management and local cooperation has worked to maintain and improve critical infrastructure. The authors provide creative solutions that can be implemented now for maintenance, stability, and even growth.

Public Service Media In Europe

RRP $295.99

Public service media (PSM) have been the mainstay of Western European broadcasting for a number of decades. Yet despite a general political consensus in favour of PSM, recent technological, economic and political changes have led to a questioning of their value.

This new collection of essays explores the history of PSM in selected European countries, from their early establishment as the main media in many countries to charting their transformation and evolution in recent years. The contributions consider the political, economic and market-integration issues that impact PSM, while also highlighting the importance of the ideology that originally accompanied PSM in its initial years, to see how relevant they are in the contemporary world.

The book consists of two complementary parts:

Part I: Theoretical Aspects and Global Influences on Public Service Media in Europe

Part II: A Comparative Analysis of Public Service Media across Europe

With contributions from leading experts, the first part offers a thorough examination of the current concepts and conditions that influence PSM in Europe. The second offers a comparative study of PSM in several European countries including France, Germany, Italy, Poland, Spain and Sweden.

Offering the most comprehensive study of the field to date, Public Service Media in Europe will be useful for students and researchers in public media, political communication, international and comparative media.

Pumps, Channels And Transporters

RRP $283.99

The members of the Analytical Science community and users of analytical tools are now becoming more involved in biological issues by developing new methodologies to study complex biochemical problems such as how ions traverse membranes. These methodologies include the use of spectroscopic, electrochemical and radioactivity-based techniques along with some new cutting edge technologies, based on the observation of single molecules. This book describes these experimental methods for investigating the function of pumps, channels and transporters.

The book is divided into four parts; the first is an introduction on the history of ion channels, pumps and transporters, their basic features and biological roles. The second part, Electrical Techniques, describes techniques taking advantage of the fact that ion channels, pumps and transporters produce an electrical current which can be detected with highly sensitive instruments. Next, Spectroscopic Techniques, details the use of light to probe the macromolecular nature of ion channels, pumps and transporters. Finally the book covers techniques which don't fall into either the electrical or spectroscopic category, i.e., radioactivity-based techniques as well as theoretical simulations.


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