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Adult Education And The State

RRP $564.99

Adult education has frequently assumed a political role in society and has also been regarded as a social movement. The first systematic attempt to analyze it from the perspective of political theory, "Adult Education and the State" examines the purpose of adult education, the reasons it should be regarded as a citizenship right, and how modes of formal and non-formal adult education function as instruments of government or democracy.
Beginning with a historical perspective, Peter Jarvis examines the relationship between adult education and civil society. He discusses the concept of democracy and illustrates the variety of different forms with which the education of adults may be related. The idea of citizenship is also examined, and it is suggested that the education of adults may be regarded as a citizenship right which in some cases is being lost as a result of current government policies. The author also looks at the relationship between liberal adult education and society, suggesting that its provision is one of the symbols that a society is moving on the long journey towards becoming civilized. The final chapter illustrates the existence of utopian thought in radical adult education.

Water Use, Management And Planning In The United States

RRP $412.99

Water Use Management, and Planning in the United States is designed with new college classes on water resources in mind. It provides information on hydrology, biology, geology, economics, and geography along with historical water policies and regional regulations. The text reflects the transdisciplinary nature of water resources management, moving between descriptive discussions and quantitative analysis to bridge the social and physical sciences. Also providedare frequent case studies and examples to illustrate real-world applications, and includes sidebars throughout to reinforce major points. This book is a result of the authors years of teaching, giving a prescription for an intelligent integrated systemsapproach to water resources management.
Key Features
* Classroom tested
* Quantitative analyses are accompanied by worked examples
* Frequent case studies highlight important applications
* Sidebars reinforce major points and provide parenthetical information

A Green History Of The Welfare State

RRP $257.99

Environmental problems - particularly climate change - have become increasingly important to governments and social researchers in recent decades. Debates about their implications for social policies and welfare reforms are now moving towards centre stage. What has been missing from such debates is an account of the history of the welfare state in relation to environmental issues and green ideas.

A Green History of the Welfare State fills this gap. How have the environmental and social policy agendas developed? To what extent have welfare systems been informed by the principles of environmental ethics and politics? How effective has the welfare state been at addressing environmental problems? How might the history of social policies be reimagined? With its lively, chronological narrative, this book provides answers to these questions. Through overviews of key periods, politicians and reforms the book weaves together a range of subjects into a new kind of historical tapestry, including: social policy, economics, party politics, government action and legislation, environmental issues.

This book will be a valuable resource for students and scholars of environmental policy and history, social and public policy, social history, sociology and politics.

Moving Forward

RRP $12.27

This is the true story of when a sudden moment of impact took my life away. Though I am not "born again" in a religious sense, I have been given a second chance at this game called life.

This is my story of hope, recovery, and rebirth.

On a brisk September afternoon, I was involved in a severe automobile accident when the motorcycle I was driving was struck by a car. Among my numerous physical injuries were seven broken ribs, a ruptured spleen, a bruised liver, a torn bowel, and a bilateral pneumothorax (two punctured lungs). The one that altered the course of my life forever though was the closed-head traumatic brain injury I received.

Gratefully, I not only survived this intense injury but have recovered remarkably well. Having to learn how to sit up in bed, to be assisted in moving to a wheelchair, to stand on my own and eventually walk again, makes my perspective unique as well! Gratefully I am now thriving against all odds and it has become my goal to share this story of recovery with others and pass on my 'Moving Forward' energy! Doing this, proactively keeps the one thing that changed my life forever, the choice of always moving forward! Choosing to adapt to the change instead of simply reacting is a very powerful tool.

Visit: to recharge your Moving Forward drive.

The Rise And Fall Of A Socialist Welfare State

RRP $29.99

This book provides a comprehensive analysis of social policy in the German Democratic Republic (GDR, 1949-1990), followed by an analysis of the "Social Union", the transformation of social policy in the process of German unification in 1990. Schmidt's analysis of the GDR also depicts commonalities and differences between the welfare state in East and West Germany as well as in other East European and Western countries. He concludes that the GDR was unable to cope with the trade-off between ambitious social policy goals and a deteriorating economic performance. Ritter embeds his analysis of the Social Union in a general study of German unification, its international circumstances and its domestic repercussions (1989-1994). He argues that social policy played a pivotal role in German unification, and that there was no alternative to extending the West German welfare state to the East. Ritter, a distinguished historian, bases his contribution on an award-winning study for which he drew on archival sources and interviews with key actors. Schmidt is a distinguished political scientist.


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