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Winning United States Citizenship & Immigration Service

RRP $18.00

I went through Hell with the United State Citizenship and Immigration Service. The battle lasted nine years, but I came out victorious. My story follows for what it may be worth. Fully documented with actual communications and forms from "the battle," this important new book is surely worth a great deal. It shows the struggle of one hard-working woman to achieve her dream. With patience, perseverance and ever-increasing knowledge of the system, she prevailed. Her experience can serve as a guide to anyone in a similar predicament, and as a moving, informative lesson in becoming a United States Citizen for everyone else.

Water Use, Management And Planning In The United States

RRP $412.99

Water Use Management, and Planning in the United States is designed with new college classes on water resources in mind. It provides information on hydrology, biology, geology, economics, and geography along with historical water policies and regional regulations. The text reflects the transdisciplinary nature of water resources management, moving between descriptive discussions and quantitative analysis to bridge the social and physical sciences. Also providedare frequent case studies and examples to illustrate real-world applications, and includes sidebars throughout to reinforce major points. This book is a result of the authors years of teaching, giving a prescription for an intelligent integrated systemsapproach to water resources management.
Key Features
* Classroom tested
* Quantitative analyses are accompanied by worked examples
* Frequent case studies highlight important applications
* Sidebars reinforce major points and provide parenthetical information

Rebels In A Rotten State

RRP $256.99

The atrocities of civil wars present us with many difficult questions. How do seemingly ordinary individuals come to commit such extraordinary acts of cruelty, often against unarmed civilians? Can we ever truly understand such acts of 'evil'? Based on a wealth of original interviews with perpetrators of violence in Sierra Leone's civil war, this book provides a detailed response. Moving beyond the rigid bounds of political science, the author engages with sociology, psychology and social psychology, to provide a comprehensive picture of the complex individual motives behind seemingly senseless violence in Sierra Leone's war. Highlighting the inadequacy of current explanations that centre on the anarchic nature of brutality, or conversely, its calculated rationality, this book sheds light on the critical but hitherto neglected role played by the emotions of shame and disgust. Drawing on first-hand accounts of strategies employed by Sierra Leone's rebel commanders, it documents the manner in which rebel recruits were systematically brutalised and came to perform horrifying acts of cruelty as routine. In so doing, it offers fresh insight into the causes of extreme violence that holds relevance beyond Sierra Leone to the atrocities of contemporary civil wars.

Removing Of Some Organic And Inorganic Pollutants

RRP $307.99

A Documentary History Of The United States

RRP $19.99

Here, in a single volume, are the documents, speeches, and letters that have forged American history, accompanied by interpretations of their significance by noted historian and broadcaster Richard D. Heffner with online journalist Alexander Heffner.

Among the important documents in this book you will find:

  • The complete text of the Declaration of Independence
  • The complete Constitution of the United States
  • The Monroe Doctrine
  • The Emancipation Proclamation
  • Woodrow Wilson's War Message to Congress
  • Franklin D. Roosevelt's ?Four Freedoms" Speech
  • John F. Kennedy's Inaugural Address
  • Martin Luther King, Jr.'s ?I Have a Dream" Speech
  • Ronald Reagan's Inaugural Addresses, 1981 and 1985
  • Documents relating to September 11, 2001
This edition has been expanded and updated to include:
  • A new chapter on the Bush/Cheney Administration and the First and Second Election and Inauguration of Barack Obama as the Forty-Fourth President of the United States
More Than One Million Copies Sold!


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