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Homesteading Handbook

RRP $12.99

This book serves as you're first and foremost guide for homesteading. Homesteading is not just a new type of gardening or some fancy way of living currently in vogue. It is one of the most ancient methods practiced by several civilizations as you have understood by now and the closest way to living in harmony with nature. Homesteading way of life was very common in the past and people have been consistently growing fruits and vegetables in their backyard from times immemorial. Moreover, the concept of raising chicken in the backyard pen is not uncommon either. While the idea of homesteading and self-sufficiency might not be new, the ways in which homesteading is practiced has certainly undergone a drastic change. It is a way of life and a choice you make. I understand any change comes with resistance and suspicion especially when it requires your precious time and energy on a day to day basis. But I assure you the results are far reaching and you will see the amazing results it brings to you and your family in terms of superior quality of health and thus life. Hence take this book only as a beginner's guide and keep continuing your journey in to homesteading and organic living with several other books and blogs. I suggest joining your local, organic gardening clubs to share ideas and get the encouragement to continue this journey.

Home Problems From A New Standpoint

RRP $13.99

INTRODUCTORY "GIVEN a number of human beings, with a certain development of physical and mental faculties and of social resources, how can they best utilize these powers for the attainment of the most complete satisfaction?" Thus J. A. Hobson states what he calls The Social Problem, adding that if "complete satisfaction" seems too indefinite, owing to the various interpretations of which it is capable, we may adopt Ruskin's words and say that the end to be sought is "the largest number of healthy and happy human beings." It is as a factor in the Social Problem, thus broadly stated in terms of human life, that this series of papers will consider The Home. There was a time when the home could hardly have been said to be a factor in the Social Problem. It had a problem of its own, to be sure, that of the proper management of its internal affairs, and upon the wisdom of that management the welfare of society was largely dependent. This problem, however, was not greatly affected by conditions in the world at large. The home was independent industrially and in no way involved in the general labor problem. Its women members were not tempted to prepare themselves for and to enter upon occupations unconnected with its administration and welfare; the question whether a woman could have a career and a home had not then arisen. The home was at that time independent also of public work, looking to city or village boards for assistance neither in maintaining cleanliness nor in warding off disease. Now all has changed. The home, by consenting to use factory products and by employing outside help, has involved itself in the great labor problem; by educating its daughters to support themselves in occupations unconnected with its management it has complicated its original problem of household administration; by entrusting the education of its little children to schools, the care of its sick to hospitals, the protection of its water supply, and other important interests, to town councils or to village boards, it has entered into public affairs. It has brought to itself new problems and to women and to men new responsibilities, new opportunities, and new privileges. These new responsibilities, opportunities, and privileges will be considered in the pages that follow.

Politics, Planning And Homes In A World City

RRP $332.99

This is an insightful study of spatial planning and housing strategy in London, focusing on the period 2000 - 2008 and the Mayoralty of Ken Livingstone. Duncan Bowie presents a detailed analysis of the development of Livingstonea (TM)s policies and their consequences.

Examining the theory and practice of spatial planning at a metropolitan level, Bowie examines the relationships between:

  • planning, the residential development market and affordable housing
  • environmental, economic and equity objectives
  • national, regional and local planning agencies and their policies.

It places Livingstonea (TM)s Mayoralty within its historical context and looks forward to the different challenges faced by Livingstonea (TM)s successors in a radically changed political and economic climate.

Clear and engaging, this critical analysis provides a valuable resource for academics and their students as well as planning, housing and development professionals. It is essential reading for anyone interested in politics and social change in a leading a world citya (TM) and provides a base for parallel studies of other major metropolitan regions.

Activate Your Soul...change Your Life

RRP $17.99

"The author extends a loving hand and offers to walk with the reader toward gentle acceptance of the Divine Presence as something we can feel and know in this life, by direct experience." -John Maxwell Taylor, author of "The Power I am" Learn to: ...Remove obstacles for more abundance and joy. ...Healing techniques for better relationships. ...The art of manifesting all that you desire. ...Discover the holy spirit within. ...Hear God's voice. ...Use Divine energy to create love and much more.

The Hairy Nosed Wombats Find A New Home

RRP $14.99

THE HAIRY-NOSED WOMBATS FIND A NEW HOME is a charmingly humorous picture book for young children about the endangered hairy nosed wombat and the search for a new home for them. Ages: 4-8 Once upon a time, deep underground, there was a colony of wonderfully whiskery wombats who all had hairy noses. They lived in the only home for Hairy-nosed Wombats in the world. Could there ever be another home for Hairy-noses? Created by wombat-loving and award-winning duo, author and Australian Children's Laureate Jackie French and illustrator Sue deGennaro, this is the (almost) true story of how finding a happy new home for Hairy-nosed Wombats helped one of the world's most endangered species to breed and thrive again. All author royalties are being donated towards wombat research and care.


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