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Groundwater Contaminant Transport

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Impacts of developed tools of heterogenous characterization on the hydrodynamics of flow and the transport mechanisms are illustrated in this text through a series of extensive numerical simulations consisting of single and multiple-realizations (Monte Carlo method).

Cost-minimizing Choice Behavior In Transportation Planning

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In the Administration building at Linkopi .. ng University we have one of Oscar Reutersvard' .. s "Impossible Figures" in three dimensions. I call it "Perspectives of Science". When viewed from a speci c point in space there is order and structure in the 3-dimensional gure. When viewed from other points there is disorder and no structure. If a speci c scienti c paradigm is used, there is order and structure; otherwise there is disorder and no structure. My perspective in Transportation Science has focused on understanding the mathematical structure and the logic underlying the choice probability models in common use. My book with N. F. Stewart on the Gravity model (Erlander and Stewart 1990), was written in this perspective. The present book stems from the same desire to understand underlying assumptions and structure. It investigateshow far a new way of de ning Cost-Minimizing Behavior can take us.Itturnsoutthatall commonlyusedchoiceprobabilitydistributionsoflogittype- log linear probability functions - follow from cost-minimizing behavior de ned in the new way. In addition some new nested models appear.

Biofuels For Road Transport

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"Biofuels for Road Transport: A Seed to Wheel Perspective" provides a review of the history, the current status and perspectives for biofuels used in road transport, across the full 'seed-to-wheel' life cycle of these fuels. Successive chapters cover the history of biofuels; the first- and second-generation liquid fuels and biofuels for powering electric vehicles; fossil fuel replacement, land requirement, greenhouse gas balances and environmental burdens of ethanol, esters derived from fatty acids ('biodiesel'), Fischer-Tropsch diesel and HTU diesel; competing technologies (fossil fuels, increases in energy-efficiency and photovoltaic power) and how they compare to biofuels; and the perspectives for biofuels. Cost, availability, technological development, competition with biomass for food and for soil organic carbon and environmental perspectives are also discussed.

Discharge Planning For Home Health Care

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Discharge Planning for Home Health Care is a comprehensive, step-by-step guide to assessing the needs of patients and establishing a coordinated hospital-to-home discharge plan. The referral format and assessment tools provide the user with an organized and systematic approach for the transition of the patient through the continuum of care. This comprehensive resource is based on current reimbursement and regulatory issues and contains over 150 tools for easy application to a broad spectrum of health care settings.

Quantum Transport In Sub-micron Devices

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The aim of this book is to resolve the problem of electron and hole transport with a coherent and consistent theory that is relevant to the understanding of transport phenomena in submicron devices. Along the road readers encounter landmarks in theoretical physics as the authors guide them through the strong and weak aspects of various hypotheses. Intended for a multi-disciplinary audience of physicists, chemists, and device engineers, the monograph begins with the quantum mechanical underpinnings and then tackles engineering considerations in the second section on applications.


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